OKGlobal LLC, a QMS and Engineering Consulting firm

    Corporate Website Design by LA New Product Development Team

    OK Global - QMS and Engineering Consulting - web design by LA NPDT

    OKGlobal LLC


    OKGlobal LLC, an international consulting firm specializing in quality control, production optimization, and Quality Management Systems for oil and gas companies.


    Develop an attractive corporate website design with a simplistic clean look, fast load speed, and high conversion rate.


    The team of website design builders understood that the client was looking for a very clean yet informative visual interface that would allow fast loading and fluid browsing resulting in high conversion rate. We designed a theme in tune with OKGlobal’s corporate identity (designed by LA NPDT – See project ->). Our designers created graphic materials that clearly demonstrated company’s services and focus on Oil & Gas industry. In order to achieve high conversion rate the corporate website design featured a defined SEO structure and incorporated large contrast call to action buttons. We added content management and event registration systems, as well as multi-language and newsletter features.


    The website design builders at LA NPDT allowed OKGlobal LLC to establish their online presence and to market their services and training courses through internet. An attractive website design increased company’s client base and made the processes of training course marketing and organization easier and faster.

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