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    Crager LaBorde CPA based in Shreveport, LA, founded by Mr. Heath Crager. The company provides professional accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses. It has been on the market for around 10 years now.

    Some time ago, the CPA noticed a developing trend among their clients, business owners, and individuals seeking tax and accounting related advice. The tendency grew towards asking their questions either online or via email. It helped the clients to get their answers at the convenience of their own office. There was no need to wait for the appointment and travel to the office. Given the natural incline of a new generation to find answers online without even calling and almost no place where they can do it, the gap of CPA service offerings was identified.

    That led Mr. Crager to come up with a mobile app idea to offer CPA services in a faster and more convenient way. The idea was to eliminate the need to wait for the in-person appointment or a phone call with a CPA and get your answers right when you need them with CPA2GO service.

    mobile app development company in the USA, mobile app idea, mobile app development company, cpa2go, la npdt


    mobile app development company in the USA, mobile app idea, mobile app development company, cpa2go, la npdt

    Initially, Heath Crager approached our mobile app development company at LA NPDT for his website upgrade only to provide such a service. In the process, however, he realized that in order to make it convenient and accessible for more users, he needed a mobile app. During the development process, it became obvious that 3 apps were required: one for iOS, one for Android and one for a web app. Our team of experts was working on the web and mobile platforms simultaneously. The goal was to create a service that gives mobility and convenience in terms of fast and clear communication. It also had to be user-firendly and easily accessible.

    The main challenge though was to build a cross-functional platform. We needed to make sure that all features of those apps would work across different operating systems in perfect coherence. For example, if a message was sent via the iOS-based app, it would be available on Android and web-version at the same time.


    Any mobile app development company knows the current trend of voice messaging and video call features. It is inseparable from today’s way of interaction. So, by integrating these features into the platform, we took care of the time and clarity of communication aspects. We also kept the trend going. In terms of simplicity, CPA2GO users can quickly register via email or social media account, and enjoy visually pleasing and easy to use interface.

    For the creation of the cross-platform we chose to work with the React Native. This building platform allowed us to export codes into different apps while keeping the UI across all apps in one style. As for the audio, video and text functions, we used, which is a cross-platform communication API. It has the real-time interactive features and ensures safety of communication through encryption.

    The choice of these two foundational platforms enabled us to reduce not only the development time, but also its cost by 3-4 times.


    Once just a mobile app idea, the CPA2GO is now a fully functional service that helps millions of
    people to address their taxes and accounting related questions in a matter of hours. The app benefits all the sides involved:

    • The users can appreciate the voice and video functions, which enable them to ask CPAs their questions and receive answers at any place and at any time. For small business owners, it is preferable to connect via a video or voice call to save their precious time.

    • The app provides CPAs with convenience in terms of locality and timing as well. They can communicate back to the customer and give comprehensive answers much faster and in more details.

    • For the CPA firm owners this platform creates new marketing opportunities outside of their present customers to engage new ones. Through the questions their CPAs receive, they can analyze emerging market trends and current needs. Further, this data can be developed and used on their social media for publishing articles, posts, blogs, and educational materials that will address those trends/questions. This approach will bring in new clients and expand their audience.

    Eventually, we’ve built 4 apps in one project that work seamlessly and perform the task they were designed for. CPA2GO is a service that you can access from your desktop, tablet, and Android/iOS smartphones. It is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or you can visit the company’s website to use the web version.

    Do you have a product idea that can bring innovative solutions to the world? Let us help you realize it. Contact our product development company to discuss your project!.


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