Custom Web Development Services – Big Sight Systems

    Custom Web Development Services – Big Sight Systems

    Custom web development services, Web development solutions, 3d product rendering, Big Sight Systems, LA NPDT



    For this project, our custom web development services were required by the Big Sight Systems company, which is engaged in production and sale of weapon accessories. Recently, they launched a new product called BigSights. It is a set of sights made for different models of Glock guns. They were specifically designed for people with declined near vision.

    Choosing the correct dimensional ratio of the front and rear sights creates a much clearer picture for the shooter with blurry vision. At first, our client wanted to mail a 3D printed gauge tool to their customers to select the right sight configuration. But it wasn’t a cost-effective decision. And they chose to go with an online product configurator instead. Hence, in need of the web development solutions, they turned to our team.

    Custom web development services, Web development solutions, 3d product rendering, Big Sight Systems, LA NPDT


    Custom web development services, Web development solutions, 3d product rendering, Big Sight Systems, LA NPDT

    BigSights are larger than the standard sights and have customizable size and gap configurations for front and rear sights. Thus, the main challenge was to make the online configurator look as real as possible so that the difference between these sight combinations was clear.

    To achieve that, we needed to create real-looking 3D product renderings. Big Sight Systems offers four front and four rear sight models. In total they make up sixteen sight combinations, requiring sixteen renderings respectively. Other important details were to make sure that the configurator fulfilled its function on any device regardless of the screen size. Also, it needed to be interactive and fully automated.


    Using 3D models of sights provided by the client, our team set out to work on 3D product renderings. Our graphic designers found a way of reaching the realistic look of the configurator. They used 3D models of the guns and rendered sights mounted on the pistols. Every gun model varied in length. So it was necessary to tailor each sight combination according to the sight size and position on the gun.  

    To make an interactive and easy-to-use configurator, our web developers added control keys, enabling users to switch between gun models and sights. And after fine-tuning the renderings, they integrated the configurator to the client’s website. Initially, the client built it on Squarespace. But to complete configuration and ensure flawless operation, we moved the website to WordPress where the product configurator was developed.   


    In addition to all the web development solutions rendered, we also integrated the product configurator with the online store. Now, the Big Sight Systems customers can choose the sight configuration that works best for their vision online and place their order right then and there.

    When Big Sight Systems approached us for our custom web development services, they were getting ready to start marketing their new product. And due to the collaborative work of our diverse experts, the website was fully automated and functional in time. It allowed the company  to launch their introductory product as scheduled, as well as to save lots of time and money on sending the gauge tool to each potential buyer.  

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