Deer Feeder Legs: Design, Prototyping and DFM

    Prototyping and Manufacturing for Hunting Products



    Offset Feeder Legs, a deer feeder company and return client, wanted to redevelop a product that will keep unwanted animals out of feeders for deer.




    The owner Offset Feeder Legs came to us looking for a redesign of his product. He wanted to reduce the manufacturing cost he was incurring, it was astronomical, and he wanted to cut those costs, allowing him to provide his product directly to consumers, and also to distributors, retailers, and wholesalers.

    In looking at different design options, we considered rolling square tubing for the legs. This provided some challenges as special dies would have to be made to accommodate the square shape, and prototypes would have to prove this solution to be viable.


    Working with our trusted manufacturing partner in Pakistan, we ironed out the details of the square tubing, price points, and design. We built prototypes and personally tested those prototypes, right in our backyard.

    We created a prototype and tested the new design through several iterations, making changes as needed to achieve optimal results. We worked with our manufacturing partner to create two sets of legs for our client to take to his investors.


    Our team worked with Fred through the process to recreate his feeder legs. Not only do they make the feeders racoon-proof, but the legs are adjustable, so you can set the gravity head at the height of your choosing, so you can feed the animals you want to feed.

    The feeder can also be leveled. By working with our manufacturing partner, we were able to provide Offset Feeder Legs with the product they were looking for, and we were able to reduce manufacturing costs by 50 percent.

    Offset Feeder Legs is working with investment partners to get the financing deserved to put his product into mass production.

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