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    JJ’S Boot Jack is the best BOOT PULLER available on the market. It was specifically invented by John Juderman, an outdoorsman, to make shoe removal effortless and easy. This puller suits any style and personality in the family. Mr. Juderman collaborated with our team for a one-stop shop product development. We provided all services necessary to develop and bring his new product to the market. The services included prototyping, manufacturing process design, branding, and more.


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    The main challenge for this project was to design a product with maximum durability that would withstand any type of pressure for many years. The client wanted the boot puller to be made out of  plastic for repeatable mass manufacturing and to minimize the production cost. Therefore, we needed to develop a cost-effective manufacturing process design (DFM design) for injection molding. But first it was necessary to outline product and brand goals. They would serve as a guideline for the entire process.


    After our team conducted a thorough market research, we identified the product’s market potential and developed an overall brand identity geared to potential customers. These customer-driven insights helped us to improve the initial boot jack design for production. The improvements obtained the needed results in end-user performance and made the product’s manufacturing process design more cost-effective. By designing two jacks on each side, we made sure that the puller fits different types and sizes of shoes.


    Our team created an appealing brand identity starting from packaging, social media, sell sheets, web-based advertisement, up to the responsive e-commerce website which ensures the customers can purchase their beloved boot jacks with ease. We also placed JJ’s Boot Jack on Amazon and it became the best-selling product of its class within the first week. In terms of durability, our engineers tested the prototype using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). As a result of thorough testing, the boot jack now can sustain loads of the size of a car and stay intact for up to 50 years.

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