DFM Design For Manufacturability: The Original Flip Flap

    DFM Design For Manufacturability – The Original Flip Flap

    DFM Design For Manufacturability – The Original Flip Flap

    The Original


    The Original Flip Flap is a company based in Mint Hill, NC. Its founder created a detachable and adjustable back strap that turns any type of flip flops into sandals. When the client approached LA NPDT, he’d been working on his invention for some time. He has already made a silicone rubber prototype on his own and needed help with preparing it for manufacturing. Hence, our team had a task to optimize the design for manufacturability (DFM), as well as to manage the entire process of small batch production.


    Creating a DFM design for manufacturability had one main challenge. We needed to find the material that would satisfy our client’s vision. Specifically, how the final product should perform and feel like. The first set of must-have characteristics included elasticity, flexibility, and durability because the Flip Flap was designed as an adjustable strap to fit every shoe size. So, after stretching, it had to take its original form without any rips. Second, it should feel soft and smooth to the touch, because it would come into direct contact with the skin. And the material our client used to make his prototype did not meet those requirements. Also, it was only suitable for prototyping but wouldn’t work for the compression molding that we were going to use for small batch production.


    When working on the DFM design for manufacturability, our team performed a series of material testing sessions of silicone rubber available on the market. None of the types exerted the characteristics we needed. Therefore, our engineers got to creating one themselves. They kept blending different silicone rubber types until they got a perfect ratio of the components. Having the material with the right characteristics, we built a silicone rubber prototype with all the mechanical properties set for it. We then fine-tuned the design, finalized the optimization of the pre-production prototype, and began making all the molds required for manufacturing. During this entire process our project manager in China was overseeing the production process to ensure high quality and low scrap rate.


    Applying creative approach and extensive product development expertise, the LA NPDT team helped to take Flip Flap from prototype to a market-ready product. We sourced all necessary materials and components for building a high quality silicone rubber prototype, which streamlined small batch production.

    It was possible thanks to our wide network of partners in manufacturing and material supply in the US and overseas. Provided with a trusted manufacturer and all necessary services under one roof, our client was able to get a final product the way he envisioned it and with minimal upfront investment and manufacturing cost. The Flip Flap is now available for purchase at TheOriginalFlipFlap.com.
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    Michael Sean McKnight Review on LA NPDT on Google for DFM and small batch production of The Original Flip Flap

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