Droptine Scent Dispenser – Deer Hunting Invention Idea

    Droptine Scent Dispenser – Deer Hunting Invention Idea Design, Manufacturing

    Droptine Scent Dispenser – Deer Hunting Invention Idea Design, Manufacturing-min

    Scent Dispenser


    Rack Addict Attractants (RAA), a company based out of Louisiana has contacted our team about developing a deer hunting invention they wanted to market. In particular, it was their deer attractant device that RAA was planning to use with their proprietary deer attractants. The attractants are used to pull in deers from the surrounding areas and hold them in the desired area.

    RAA Scent Dispenser - Hunting Product Design Manufacturing


    RAA wanted to create an affordable, durable device that could be used in the field and without taking up too much space. The dispenser was to serve as a container too, so that the device could be carried in and out of the hunting field without the removal of the attractant. They also wanted it to be simple and easy-to use for their hunters’ convenience on any hunt.


    By combining the customer needs with our team’s creativity, we were able to create a product that would meet the requirements. We designed a simple product consisting of four parts: the outer and the inner containers, the cap, and the seal. The seal was designed to serve a dual purpose – it kept the cap and the inner container together, while also allowing the dispenser to be watertight. The inner locking mechanism our design team came up with allowed the extension of the inner container for improved scent dispersion while staying connected to the outer shell. By matching the groove and pin of the containers, the user could separate the containers for cleaning or other purposes.

    The device was designed to be 3D printable as well as manufacturable via injection molding. That provided the client with manufacturing options for both low volumes or large quantities, depending on their needs- all while maintaining quality standards that would please any consumer!

    Plastic injection molding is usually more economical when producing large quantities, while 3D printing doesn’t require any upfront tooling or setup investments.


    Thanks to our team’s expertise and in-house design, prototyping, and short-run production capabilities, the customer was able to get his hunting invention idea off the ground and to the market in just four months.

    LA NPDT was able to take a customer’s rough sketch and turn it into an actual product. With our expertise, we have been able to offer both design services as well as short-run production capabilities. Our team is also very skilled when working with prototyping machines or other equipment needed for new inventions like this one. We provided a turnkey new product development service which saved the client time, money, and provided a piece of mind.

    The RAA’s Droptine Scent Dispensers are now available for purchase on Rack Addict Attractants website or at their many dealers in different states.

    The LA New Product Development Team has the experience and knowledge to turn your hunting invention ideas into reality.

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