UltraStrike: Electronics Prototyping and PCB Design

UltraStrike: Electronics Prototyping and PCB Design


Benjamin Morris, a product developer and entrepreneur, the inventor of UltraStrike, an arc lighter for welding torches.


Mr. Morris approached our team for PCB design services, electronics prototyping, and product design. He needed to develop a fully-functional arc lighter that could serve as a presentation of the product prior to launching manufacturing of the first batch. He wanted the prototype to represent the final product design while withstanding demonstrations with real welding equipment.


We started by analyzing the original prototype Mr. Morris build himself. We then designed the electronic schematic that would be able to generate a continuous arc. After we built and tested a proof-of-concept breadboard electronic prototype we compiled a Bill of Materials (BOM), designed a PCB, and made a prototype of it. We then designed and 3D printed the enclosure for the electronic parts. While designing the enclosure we considered injection molding requirements and limitations. After successfully testing the prototype we finalized the design and prepared it for manufacturing.

The Result

Our team not only created a realistic 3D CAD Model of the product and designed the electronic circuit, but we also delivered a functional prototype within a rather short period of time. Our PCB design services and rapid prototyping expertise allowed Mr. Morris to move to mass production stage. The prototype we built allowed modifying the design to optimize the efficiency of manufacturing, resulting in lower production cost and better performance.

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