Mechanical Product Design – Brunson Machinery Tools

    Mechanical Product Design – Brunson Machinery Tools

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    Brunson Machinery Tools, approached our team with the request for construction equipment design. We needed to design a line of excavator attachments.


    Brunson Machinery Tools wanted a line of versatile attachments that would maximize the ROI of excavators and will turn them into multi-functional tools. As the heavy equipment design was completed the company hired us for creating a realistic 3D animation showcasing the attachments.


    We started with designing the Versa ear coupler that was supposed to serve as a platform for all attachments. Our experienced team of engineers turned hand sketches into accurate 3D CAD models taking into consideration the load that the parts would be subjected to, as well as the strength of materials, and the compatibility with the most excavators currently on the market. The goal was to design simple, inexpensive, universal, and reliable tools.

    As we completed the heavy equipment design, we started to work on a 3D video animation. The purpose of the animation was to show the potential customers how they can increase productivity, save money, and increase the ROI of their excavators. For the animation, we blended a real footage and the 3D CAD models using the latest film industry technology and techniques.


    The 3D CAD models we created during the construction equipment design allowed Brunson to produce a physical prototype of the bulldozer blade and the Versa ear coupler. The other attachments were showcased in the 3D animation which allowed the company to start approaching investors and potential customers.

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