Intro Video for Concept Design Service

    Video Production Company Houston

    Product Concept Design by LA NPDT, Shreveport, Bossier, Louisiana



    Our challenge as an explanatory video production company was to create a video for concept design service for our youtube channel.


    In this video our explanatory video creators wanted to show the idea behind our concept design service. Conceptualization of products typically entails generation of multiple ideas. These ideas often have different product development directions. Best concepts get developed by uniting best features of various ideas into a cohesive solution.


    Our explanatory video production company’s video introduced one of the very first stages of the product development process. Concept design involves sketching, drawing, and developing real-life CAD models and renderings that fully represent ides. Our explanatory video creators wanted show how important it is for designers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to visually convey their concepts. This helps customers and partners to understand how a product will look and work. It also increases the value of ideas and businesses, and eases marketing efforts.

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