Product Development – Fingolazo – Board Game

Product Development – Fingolazo – Board Game


Pedro Diaz is a product developer who is building a board game for soccer fans of all ages! 


To develop a fully functional prototype that can withstand multiple tests of real-life gameplay. To create renderings to reiterate and finalize the product design. Along with the construction of the game, we also needed to add graphic designs and create the board game’s layout. We also needed to design the mini life-like soccer figurines to give this game an impressive gameplay quality.     

The Result

Our team designed and developed the Fingolazo board game. We created several renderings to get Pedro’s stamp of approval before we created the physical prototype. The correct materials were identified that would withstand aggressive gameplay as well as be feasible to manufacture at a reasonable price. We also designed, 3D printed, and hand-painted the figurines that would enhance the game’s experience. The promotional video and the website were created once the prototype was finished. Target users are currently testing Fingolazo. Pre-orders are available at Fingolazo!

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