Can Strainer for Tuna Press. Product Design, Prototyping

Can Strainer for Tuna Press. Product Design, Prototyping


Richard Todd Slavant, an inventor and an entrepreneur.


The first challenge was to improve the convenience and the speed of the process of tuna water drainage through food product development.

The second challenge was creating an appealing and responsive website about the product,  the main goal of the website was to capture and increase sales.


The previous approach to draining water from canned tuna included cutting out the bottom of the can, flipping it upside down, and allowing it to stay inside a tuna press machine for about 40 minutes. The process was not time-efficient and often didn’t result in the desired level of tuna dryness. We kept the general procedure of tuna pressing the same but worked on the improvement of the container. We introduced evenly spaced hexagonal holes, a removable bottom, a handle, and some other features for increasing the convenience using the cup. After creating the first concept we 3D printed it and tested its functionality. Based on the results of the testing the food innovation and product design was revised several times until a current version of the product was achieved.

Once we had the final prototype working, we started to create an elegant website aimed to increase the knowledge on the Tuna Strainer for the NEMCO 55800 Easy Tuna Press, with a solid set of visuals and e-commerce included, all what is needed these days to increase awareness and sales of the product.

The Result

Through brainstorming and iteration of food product development and prototyping the team converted an idea into a 100% functional prototype. Our food innovation and product design allowed our client to file a provisional patent application and to start the marketing and the fundraising campaigns for the product. For pre-order info contact LA NPDT or email

For more info and sales please visit :

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