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    Richard Todd Slavant, an inventor and an entrepreneur.


    Can Strainer for Tuna Press - Website Design by LA NPDT

    The first challenge was to improve the convenience and the speed of the process of tuna water drainage through food product development.

    The second challenge was creating an appealing and responsive website about the product,  the main goal of the website was to capture and increase sales.


    We started the new product launch marketing plan by creating the visual materials. This included 3D renderings and animation of the SaferUnion™, the logo, and a video commercial for the product. Then, we moved to developing the content for brochures, a white paper, a case study, and a PowerPoint presentation. Knowing that the end user is interested in the technical specification of the product and how the product works. We made sure to include all this information using industry terminology in the marketing strategy for the new product launch. It took a significant amount of analysis of the test reports, publications, technical notes to develop clear and concise content. We started to design the website as soon as we had the visuals. Click the following link to check out R&H Machine’s website. We also 3D printed several promo samples that the company was able to present to their potential customer.


    Our team developed the proper new product launch marketing plan that highlights R&H Machine’s mission of delivering custom and quality solutions to their customers. We are proud to say that we could create a video commercial for SaferUnion within 24 hours. The website we built as part of the marketing strategy for a new product launch contains up-to-date information about the company and their products and services. Moreover, visitors have an opportunity to examine SaferUnion in a virtual reality setting.

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