G-Spot RX

G-Spot RX


Gene Allen, founder of G-Spot RX, was granted a patent for an electronic toy for adults unlike anything previously developed in the industry.

He came to LA NPDT for sex toy design, 3D printing, and prototyping services.

Typically, one sex toy design is distinguishable from another only by slight variations in color or shape. Gene intended for his product to have a revolutionary design, producing a patented motion that is distinctly similar to the human touch.


The physical components of the electronic toy for adults presented a challenge. The product had to be small yet contain a powerful motor.

Additionally, knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and human anatomy were all required to optimize this sex toy design.


Addressing these challenges was truly a team effort. Our mechanical and electrical engineers collaborated with each other for 3D printing and PCB programming. Additionally, the team brought their own ideas to the table, helping our client improve the sex toy design. The prototyping process—completed in fewer than 3 months—also included techniques such as silicone rubber molding.

 When this process was complete, LA NPDT helped publicize the product at a trade show. Consequently, the G-Spot RX was recognized by major retailers and magazines in its industry for its new take on electronic toys for adults.

The Result

G-Spot RX raised more than enough funds from their crowdfunding campaign to begin manufacturing. This achievement would have been almost impossible without prototypes to develop and exhibit the product.

Sex toy design, 3D printing, and PCB programming services were all crucial to this product’s success. The G-Spot RX is being sold now and making its mark in the industry.

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