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    Master Flo is a leading producer of choke valves for the oil and gas industry. The company partnered with LA NPDT to create a presentation for its booth at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.

    In this multi-faceted project, one role we played was that of a game development company.

    We created interactive video games that could serve as engaging means of educating the booth’s visitors about what Master Flo does to control flow and the science behind its products.

    Game Development Company, Video Game Developer Companies, Game Design Companies, Master Flo LA NPDT


    Game Development Company, Video Game Developer Companies, Game Design Companies, Master Flo LA NPDT

    Just like every other component of the booth, our challenge as a game development company was to create a product that would draw the attention of individuals who would be milling around in the OTC.

    Of course, we were there to help attract visitors to the booth. One aspect of this task was creating three games and a 3D animation.

    These games had to be interactive, engaging, quick, and simple. Meanwhile, they needed to be educational and relatively accurate.

    It’s a challenge for any game design company to create a design that portrays real-world physics. Fortunately, we had in-house engineers who worked with our game designers to maintain an accurate depiction of pressure and flow rate.


    Creating games that met Master Flo’s needs entailed an extensive process that started with an overall layout. Custom graphics, accurate content, and custom coding were added to the layout throughout the process.

    Our game development company made approximately ten different versions of the games. We did troubleshooting and debugging, working toward creating the final design.

    Our video game developer company also handled the aspect of the game that required realism to reflect how Master Flo’s choke valves really work.

    Because of our team’s cross-functional skill set and wide range of experience, our engineers wrote the formulas for our video game developers. This allowed our game design company to create a product that simulated real-life physics.

    In our role as a video game developer company, we created three games that allowed their players to explore different aspects of Master Flo’s field.

    Using 3D animation services and kinetic game technology, players rotated, disassembled, and reassembled a virtual choke valve with their bare hands. As they did so, they learned about Master Flo’s products and their components.

    The players also virtually manipulated the opening of a choke valve in a second game, “Flow Control.” Players won this game by keeping the pressure gauge in the green zone. Finally, a third game design allowed the player to choose well conditions and a choke valve.

    It would then provide information about the outcome of the player’s choices. And, just for fun, our game design company added a feature where the player posed for a picture at the end of an activity.

    Afterward, they could email their photo to themselves.


    Because of these engaging and informative products from our game development company, Master Flo had another unique and memorable attraction to their booth where they could share their knowledge with other conference participants.

    From a marketing perspective, these games added value to the booth by giving potential customers and others a way of engaging further with Master Flo’s products and vision.

    Most importantly, the games promoted awareness of Master Flo as leaders in their industry. Even after the conference, Master Flo is still using these games to engage and inform office visitors and potential customers.

    Therefore, the value of this vital contribution to their presence at the conference was well worth their investment in the services of our game design company.

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