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    GPS Tracking Bracelet – Electronics Prototyping Services

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    Ardelia and Gary Mays, from Stockbridge, GA founded a company that focuses on wearable safety devices for children and elderly. They work towards creating a piece of mind for families through innovative solutions that help take care of their loved ones and keep them safe. We met the couple at the INPEX invention show. They were looking for an electronic prototyping company to help them with the development of a GPS tracking bracelet. The idea was to create a wearable gadget that would track GPS location and send information to the Cloud without connecting to a mobile phone. This kind of product required our electronics prototyping services, including custom PCB design.

    GPS Tracking Bracelet Prototype


    GPS Tracking Bracelet IoT Prototype

    Most wearable devices nowadays work via Bluetooth and receive location signals from the phone. So, this project’s main challenge was to create a device that would work as a standalone piece and not need a mobile phone to connect to. To achieve that we would need to use a GPS tracking microchip, select strong enough antennas that would transmit the signal, and build the electronic system, using custom PCB design.  And all that should be enclosed in the bracelet not wider than 1 inch. It should be discreet and not look like a tracker to not attract attention. Its buckle had to be hard to remove in order to prevent a user (or kidnapper) from taking it off. 

    Another task was to create a network system where the bracelet would be registered. And then develop a mobile app that would show the exact location of the user. After adding a new device to the system, the guardian or parent can login into the app on their phone and see where the person under their care is at any given moment.


    When the client approached us for electronics prototyping services, they already had a prototype but it wasn’t functional. All the parts and components were separate because they were too bulky for the intended compact design. Not being able to use the client’s prototype, we started building the product from scratch. After we made a few initial prototypes using custom PCB design, we encountered issues that made us change the electronics system and its components, and change the design several times. Then we found a company OriginGPS that presently produces the smallest microchips for GPS location tracking. We built the system based on their microchip and made a new design that housed new components perfectly. Next we determined the type of antennas we needed and adjusted all settings accordingly. While working on electronics design and mechanical parts, our software developers completed the mobile app.  


    The GPS tracking bracelet was 3D printed from elastic rubber. It was designed in a way that all electronics were encapsulated into the silicone. So it is safe and comfortable to wear. The buckle is impossible to open with one hand. In order to pull the strap, you need to press two sides of the lock simultaneously. In addition to integrating the GPS tracking system, our team also equipped the device with motion, gyro, temperature, and speed sensors. The first one allows tracking such movement as falling. The gyro shows if the person is in an upside-down position. The temperature sensor can alert about fever or hypothermia. And the accelerator tracks the motion speed.

    Thanks to LA NPDT’s professional electronics prototyping services, our client now has a fully functional prototype that shows the device’s capabilities and functionality in a very clear way. They’re going to use it to finalize the development process, raise funds for product launch, and get ready for mass production. Having a physical model allows them to approach potential investors and use it for any crowdfunding platform.

    If your product requires custom PCB design and professional product development expertise, contact our electronic prototyping company to schedule your free consultation.



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