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    Electronic Prototype, Bluetooth Products, Tech Prototypes, PRISM, LA NPDT



    Product developer, Hanco, brought his proof-of-concept basic prototype to INPEX 2017, where he received positive feedback from potential consumers.

    With his concept validated, Hanco approached LA New Product Development Team at the event, wanting to explore the next steps.

    Electronic Prototype, Bluetooth Products, Tech Prototypes, PRISM, LA NPDT


    Electronic Prototype, Bluetooth Products, Tech Prototypes, PRISM, LA NPDT

    Our team was challenged to create a customizable, technology-integrated desk organizer with a variety of docks that could be conveniently interchanged.

    We were tasked to take PRISM concepts and create feasible and realistic high tech designs to best reflect our customer’s vision.


    In addition to a variety of working docks, we were able to develop a docking system that entails tremendous convenience and ease of use for the user.

    Over 80 docks were conceived for electronic design and manufacturing. Bluetooth speaker, Crypto-currency/Stock monitoring system, as well as a wireless charging station for your phone. Just a few among the many high tech designs prepared for this product. We integrated magnets for ‘easy-snap in’ features as well as designed and installed electronics for Bluetooth pairing and internet connection, enabling the user to stay better connected with the world from the comfort of their own desk.


    With a fully-functional PRISM prototype, our customer was equipped and ready for manufacturing. The product prototype we built not only proved the initial concept our customer had. But it also increased the value of the PRISM product platform. Enabling Hanco to have realistic conversations with future investors and manufacturers.

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