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Introduction to ISO 9001-2015 Standard

    Introduction to ISO 9001-2015 - Training Course by LA New Product Development Team

    Introduction to ISO 9001-2015 Standard

    The date of the official release of the ISO 9001-2015 Standard is at the corner. The companies using this internationally accepted standard need to start preparing for the transition in order to stay ahead of the competition.

    We’ve been holding our hand on the pulse of the Standard’s development since the beginning. We have even provided our input to some of the sections of the Standard. All the gained knowledge and understanding of the upcoming changes we are glad to share with you at our training course.


    • Changes introduced to the ISO 9001 Standard since the 2008 version
    • How the updates of the Standard will effect your business and your QMS in particular
    • Transition path to the new version of the Standard taking into account the specifics of your business and industry
    • Deliberately described and explained structure of the ISO 9001-2015 Standard. This includes the requirements related to documentation control.
    • Introduction to the process approach and the risk based approach. Their meaning, importance and practical values
    • Real-life examples of the importance of the objectives development tailored to your company’s strategical direction and programs


    The training course is divided into three sections:

    (1) New to ISO 9001-2015
    (2) Transition to ISO 9001-2015 from the 2008 version
    (3) Implementation of the new ISO 9001 requirements while maintaining the API Q1/ Q2 registration.

    The first section of the course is appropriate for those who are planning to introduce the ISO 9001 Standard to their organization.

    The second section will be interesting to companies who already use ISO 9001 Standard and are planning to update their QMS to the requirements of the 2015 version.

    Those who in addition to ISO 9001 comply to the API Q1 or Q2 standards will find  the third section of the training course the most valuable.


    • Knowledge of ISO 9001-2008 (for sections 2 and 3)
    • Understanding the concepts and experience (preferably) with QMS and TQM
    • Basic knowledge of API Q1 standard will be a plus but not required


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