Kool Jack Cooling Dog Vest

Kool Jack Cooling Dog Vest


Loran and Linda Ebarb are both avid dog lovers who found a need for a more effective dog vest that keeps dogs cool in humid, hot weather.

Other dog vests on the market use evaporative cooling, which is ineffective in the humid weather of Louisiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Ebarb wanted to incorporate ice packs into the dog vests to promote cooling without relying on weather conditions.


The customers presented us with the challenge of designing a cooling dog vest, making a demo prototype, and preparing the design for manufacturing.

Our designers and engineers started by exploring the pet product market and analyzing the current competition and similar pet products to identify the opportunities for achieving a better product-market fit.

Our team discovered that the competition’s positive and negative feedback provided significant insight into the pet product market’s needs and problems.


Based on our competition research, LA NPDT designed the Kool Jack to combine the two cooling methods to capture a larger geographical market for dog vests, both for humid and arid weather.

The ice pack pocket was located closer to the heart for improved cooling (that’s where the heat concentrates in a dog body) and below that, a small pocket for storing pet medical records was added.

Our prototyping capabilities in fabrics allowed for an easy iterative process. The prototypes we produced provided the customers with the hands-on ability to review the product and give us the feedback necessary for optimizing the design.

The Result

The customers were looking for a solution that provided better cooling for dogs. Our team was not only able to provide a demonstratable prototype, but also a market viable pet product optimized for mass production.

By workign with LA NPDT, Mr. and Mrs. Ebarb were able to turn their idea into a market-ready product optimized for better user experience, performance, and mass production. With the production samples and marketing materials our team developed Mr. and Mrs. Ebarb were able to raise funding for manufacturing and marketing their new product.

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