Leia Menstrual Cup Design and Development

    Leia Menstrual Cup Design and Development

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    Leia Menstrual Cup


    Lena Dolgan, a practicing OB/GYN and sister of LA New Product Development Team founder Konstantin Dolgan, approached us with a desire to improve a common and necessary item: the menstrual cup. Traditional cups have many problems, foremost among them being a severe lack of options for people with a low cervix or with weakened pelvic floor muscles. In addition, menstrual cups often do not hold their shape, can be uncomfortable due to a firm and rubber-like feel, are prone to closure and spillage, and do not fit all bodies equally or stay in place. A low cervical position can further exacerbate these problems and require trimming the stem to avoid protrusion, which makes removal of the cup even more difficult. Lena was pregnant at the time and preparing to take maternity leave, and was eager to help develop a better version of this necessary product type. Together with Konstantin, she set out to use her maternity leave time not only to prepare for the addition to her family, but to help other people too.


    The shape, function, and material of a menstrual cup is of paramount importance. Most other cups on the market are either too rigid to be flexible, or too soft to stay open once they begin to receive liquid. Hard textures are difficult for the body to accept and accommodate comfortably, and fixed shapes do not fit all bodies, which can cause a poor seal, ineffective capture and receiving angle, or a stem which protrudes from the body and can cause pain. Traditional cups are notoriously difficult to remove, they can leak, and they often feel unnatural to hold within the body. Additionally, certain design challenges, such as the need to create a better suction effect once inserted, are important for health and comfort reasons.

    The main challenges which the LA New Product Design Team had to meet were the selection of the right material, and consideration of a gentle yet firm design which the body could naturally and securely hold in place without discomfort. We also considered, with Lena’s direction and guidance, how to provide a product which could aid people who menstruate who are affected by weakened pelvic muscles and uterine prolapse (stage 1 or 2), and to ease pessary replacement during menstruation. A total of two years of development, refinement, and verification with our testing group was invested into the product’s design.

    The solution to these challenges was to use 100% medical-grade silicone rubber, which is treated with a special coating to produce a comfortable velvet-like feel. This material allows the cup to be both soft and elastic, an essential quality for it to adjust its shape both to fit the body and to not fold closed once receiving liquid. The firmness of the silicone rubber also allows for the cup’s slanted rim design, which fits the natural vaginal shape and can accommodate both low and high cervical positions. Because Leia Menstrual Cups are designed to be used for 15 years or more, and because the cervical position can change at different points during the menstrual cycle, a cup which accommodates these changes is essential for long-term use and comfort.

    Additionally, the silicone rubber is easy to manipulate with the fingers, both for shaping the cup for insertion and removal, and for holding the grip rings during the removal process and to adjust the position. The stem length has been carefully calculated to be suitable, and the grip rings remain easy to find and grasp, even if the stem is trimmed by the user. The angled fold of the cup, and the larger-than-usual seal ring at the rim, securely hold the cup in place and avoid the risk of spillage, while also allowing the cup to sit more comfortably within the body and be held in place naturally, including during athletic activities such as swimming. And the inclusion of small holes near the rim allow breathability and natural moisture balance, without creating uncomfortable suction which could hamper the removal of the cup. Finally, clear markings on each cup indicate the size, so it is always easy to tell one from another. Use of the cup provides up to 12 hours of protection (including overnight).

    After completing the design process with Konstantin, Lena and the LA New Product Design Team tested over 50 prototypes and received 100 user-feedback reports to further improve the product. The result is the Leia Menstrual Cup, a product of rigorous design and engineering.

    Leia is proud to offer these cups as an alternative to one-time-use menstruation products, the disposal of which have an adverse effect on the environment. The cups are primarily made with recyclable material as well, further easing the environmental impact. Use of Leia cups can significantly reduce the amount of landfill waste generated in a year, as well as saving money on the cost of disposable solutions. Creation of this product is part of LA New Product Design Team’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

    Finally, Leia is proud to work with several non-profit organizations which aid people in managing reproductive health needs. Leia provides these organizations with the Leia cups as a more sustainable, cost-effective, and personal alternative to traditional menstruation products.

    On behalf of Lena, our team members, and all the people who helped in our journey to create this product, we hope it can be of comfort and benefit to people throughout the world.

    You can purchase Leia Menstrual Cups here http://leiacup.com/

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