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    WRLDINVSN – original design apparel for urban youth



    Marlon Watts and Nicholas Clark are entrepreneurs and the founders of WRLDINVSN design apparel brand  from New Orleans, Louisiana.


    Marlon and Nick asked us to help them to get more exposure to their WRLDINVSN apparel brand on a minimal budget through a marketing documentary. The guys approached us just in time we were running the video production promotion in March 2017. We would have to move quickly and work on a tight schedule.


    This marketing documentary project coincided with our team getting ready for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, the biggest convention for entrepreneurs in Louisiana. So, our documentary company drove down to NOLA a day earlier to have an opportunity to shoot the documentary style video in WRLDINVSN’s hometown. Along with contemporary filming methods we also used aerial filming techniques to show the landscape of New Orleans.


    As a result, in just 8 hours, our severely sunburnt documentary company had enough raw material to create a 20 minute documentary style video. You can find a teaser to the marketing documentary posted above. Next, the founders of WRLDINVSN are considering to set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the high volume production of the apparel. Having access to the quality video materials is one of the key factors of a successful campaign. Go to WRLDINVSN website ->

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