Master Flo Educational Video for OTC 2019

    Master Flo Educational Video for OTC 2019

    Marketing video company, Marketing video production,Event video production, LA NPDT

    Master Flo
    Educational Video
    for OTC 2019


    Master Flo’s team specializes in flow management for the oil and gas industry. They are leaders in the production of choke valves, control valves, and the other necessary components of flow.

    This being the case, Master Flo attends the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) every year. Companies go to this conference to share technical knowledge with other professionals in the energy industry.

    This company partnered with LA NPDT for the OTC, and one role we took on in the project was that of a marketing video company. In this role, we provided a brief video explanation of what Master Flo does. We also wanted to show why they are recognized worldwide as partners of choice in their industry.

    Marketing video company, Marketing video production,Event video production, LA NPDT


    Marketing video company, Marketing video production,Event video production, LA NPDT

    A team of more than twenty people from our marketing video company worked together to create an event video production for Master Flo. This team shared a common goal of effectively communicating Master Flo’s vision.

    Project managers were responsible for teamwork throughout the project. They began with a storyboard that helped provide consistency across the different components of the marketing video production.  This saved time and money in the long term by preventing errors.

    In the first phases of the project, content writers created a script that could be easily understood and informative. As they did so, they worked with engineers to maintain accuracy.

    Then, 3D animators and graphic designers created interesting visuals to draw the attention of passers-by at the convention. Finally, a videographer recorded the actors and voiceover artists and put all of the video’s elements together.


    Our challenge as a marketing video company was to create an engaging and educational video for this conference. We had to do this conveying information Master Flo desired to share with others in the oil and gas industry.

    The video would be a five-minute marketing video production. Within that five minutes, we had to provide a clear explanation of Master Flo’s highly technical system. Another aspect of the challenge was showing how this company fits within a complex industry.

    Added to this was the fact that they were not including products in this event video production. Instead, the content was meant to communicate Master Flo’s intangible qualities. For example, its values and its vision for the industry are more difficult to communicate. The setting where the video’s audience would view it is another factor that a marketing video company has to consider.

    Master Flo would play the event video production at its booth in the OTC. This meant that viewers probably wouldn’t watch it start-to-finish. Instead, people at this conference would be walking from booth to booth as they pleased.

    Therefore, our marketing video production’s effectiveness depended on grabbing the attention of people passing Master Flo’s booth. Our challenge was to make an event video production that was just as entertaining as it was accurate and educational.


    At the end of this process, Master Flo’s event video production gave its viewers at the OTC a sense of the company’s importance not just in the oil and gas industry but in the history of “mastering the flow” (a slogan LA NPDT invented for Master Flo).

    The video showcases the decades of research and experience that have allowed the company to attain global recognition. It also highlights the way Master Flo values producing valves that will make its customers able to maintain up-to-date and effective flow.



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