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    multinix is an innovative device that helps healthcare professionals be more effective.

    The MultiNix



    RNvention is a firm that creates medical equipment designs.

    They had an initial design and prototype which needed a re-design and further develop, so they returned to us to see how we could help.

    The initial prototype, a multi-tool for healthcare professionals, needed to have additional features added.

    The tool design had to be revamped so each feature was easily accessible and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

    The features needed to be evaluated to determine whether the placement of each tool was functional in the healthcare environment.


    After talking with the client, we took their sketches and created several different prototypes, we also saw an opportunity to add new features.

    Our client took these prototypes out to nurses in the field, and let them test the added features and new designs.

    He got the feedback from the medical personnel, and we listened, incorporated their ideas, made some changes, and created several new prototypes, again requesting feedback.

    After several iterations of feedback and design adjustments and some additional changes from the client, we had a tool that fit the needs of the healthcare industry.



    By using our rapid prototyping process, our expertise, and our past knowledge, we were able to get this product built quickly.

    We assisted our client in connecting with a solid manufacturing partner, and we were able to get all their questions answered quickly.

    The product is currently in production and our client got a licensing deal from a major distributor. The healthcare community is anxiously awaiting the MultiNix tool.

    To learn more about the MultiNix click here.
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