Logo for Guardian Pool Treatment LLC

    Modern Clean Logo Design by LA NPDT, Shreveport

    Guardian Pool Treatment Business Cards designed by LA NPDT

    Treatment LLC


    Guardian Pool Treatment LLC, a pool automation systems company.


    Guardian Pool Treatment Logo designed by LA NPDT

    To design a logo that would reflect the idea of the business. The modern, clean logo design will be put on products and corporate stationery.


    Guardian Pool Treatment’s product automatically measures and controls the chemistry of the water in pools. We wanted to reflect their business idea with a modern, clean logo design. So we decided to use the famous yin-yang symbol, which means “balance” and “harmony” as a basis for a modern logo design. The cool, modern logo design’s color palette was chosen to be similar to that of the pool water.


    The cool, modern logo design by LA NPDT will serve as a starting point for the branding of the Guardian Pool Treatment company

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