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    TC Road Gear White Motorcycle Chaps for Women



    TC Road Gear, a motorcycle apparel company offering unique designs.


    Our challenge as a motorcycle apparel company was to design, develop, launch, and market a line of custom motorcycle gear for women with animal prints.


    Similarly to pretty much any other project, we started this one with outlining a product development and marketing plan. The first steps of the plan included securing the intellectual property (patent, trademark) and developing the branding fundamentals (company name, LLC, website domain name) for the line of custom motorcycle gear. During the next stage we conducted an extensive market research, identified and validated the customers, produced the prototypes, and developed the marketing materials (photos, videos, website, brochures, banners). The third stage included a short run production and a product launch.


    On Saturday, November 19th, TC Road Gear had a soft launch of their product line at the Spam Run event at Fuds in Shreveport, LA. They presented a collection of three different chap designs (leopard, snake, and solid white), with the goal of gathering customer feedback and evaluating the product’s desirability before launching the line to the general public. The female riders adored the chaps. Leopard print, of course, was the most popular. Since then the company opened its website to the public and started the online sales. There’s a long and winding road ahead, but the company is looking forward to bringing new styles to the biker community.

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