Hunters Product – Mojo Outdoors Duck Decoy 3D Scanning and Modeling

Hunters Product – Mojo Outdoors Duck Decoy 3D Scanning and Modeling


Mojo Outdoors

is a leader in developing outdoor gear design, including realistic duck decoys with life-like movements. The company strives to provide and equip hunters with the best gear for the best duck hunt!

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The situation required our outdoor product design and development team to create an exact 3D model representation of a wooden duck prototype. Capturing all of the grooves and lines in the duck’s intricate feather pattern. As a matter of fact the 3D model our team created will help the manufacturing process.


We implemented a combination of several 3D scanning and 3D modeling methods and techniques to properly capture and recreate the needed details, we cread multiple 3D representations of the duck. Our outdoor product design and development team team and their team worked seamlessly together at the same time to choose the correct option that would best allow them to move forward to manufacturing.

The Result

With the proper CAD files and outdoor gear design, Mojo Outdoors has moved forward to manufacturing this new product for hunters. As a result the product will be available just in time for the upcoming duck hunting season! No ducks were harmed in the development process, even though this may be true, we are sure other ducks won’t be so lucky once this product hits the market!

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