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    The Bait Bunker, Outdoor product design, Outdoor gear experts, Outdoor gear research, LA NPDT



    M.O.S.S. is a company made up of outdoor gear experts who partnered with us to conduct research and develop the outdoor product design for the Bait Bunker, a fishing bait container that would keep live bait safe and alive for extended periods of time.

    In this project, we truly functioned as a one-stop-shop for product development, providing concept design, prototyping, market research, a website, branding, and commercialization strategies to create and market the Bait Bunker.

    The Bait Bunker, Outdoor product design, Outdoor gear experts, Outdoor gear research, LA NPDT


    The Bait Bunker, Outdoor product design, Outdoor gear experts, Outdoor gear research, LA NPDT

    In developing the outdoor product design, we were challenged to meet certain criteria. For example, the Bait Bunker needed to be spill-proof and clamp to a chair so that it could be effectively carried on a boat.

    Our development methods were guided by outdoor gear research and by the vision of the outdoor gear experts at M.O.S.S. Most importantly, we needed to create an outdoor product design that effectively captured their vision.

    In marketing the product, our team was challenged to represent the outdoor product design with accurate and engaging materials. Once again, our primary goal here was to capture M.O.S.S.’s vision for their product and represent it in a way that would reach their target audience.

    We had to present all of the information that might interest M.O.S.S.’s target audience—utilizing content, graphics, and a web layout—without bombarding them with too much at once.


    We found solutions in developing the outdoor gear design by going through several iterations, revising and perfecting the design as we went.

    Thanks to our extensive collection of 3D printers, we were able to build a full-scale model of the Bait Bunker. It took five days of printing to complete this task, but it was well worth the time to build a prototype in one piece.

    In marketing the product, we found solutions by communicating with M.O.S.S.’s outdoor gear experts.

    We took time to gain an accurate understanding of what the outdoor product design would accomplish for their target audience to create materials that effectively conveyed M.O.S.S.’s vision.


    With our outdoor product design team developing their product, M.O.S.S. obtained access to a wide variety of services, including prototyping.

    As a cross-functional team with a wide array of knowledge, we provided a way for M.O.S.S. to transition easily through each phase of outdoor gear research, product design, and marketing.

    This saved them the time and money that would have been required to work with and manage several different teams.

    Additionally, we approached M.O.S.S.’s outdoor product design with a long-term perspective, listening to their needs and prioritizing their overall business goals. Because of our services, they were able to acquire the tools they needed to build a viable business.

    M.O.S.S.’s future is bright because they have laid a solid foundation for more products to come.

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