Packaging Design – GloLens Selfie Clip

Packaging Design – GloLens Selfie Clip


Fashionit® is an emerging fashion brand dedicated to bringing unique accessories and everyday essentials to girls and women around the world.


LA NPDT was tasked with packaging design for one of Fashionit’s newest items, GloLens. Our challenge was to develop attractive urban packaging that demonstrates the functionality of the device, while working around a limited timeline and the product’s unusual shape.


LA NPDT Team successfully designed eye-catching packaging, despite the tight timeline and challenging product shape. We primarily focused on on the product user’s experience, as well as convenience and space efficiency. 

The Result

The result of this project was attractive user-friendly packaging for the GloLens, ready for manufacturing and production. Ergonomically designed to maximize space-efficiency both on and off the shelf, this packaging simultaneously boasts simple and sleek feminine style to attract Fashionit’s target audience.

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