Food Logo Design – Paula’s Super Pickles

Food Logo Design – Paula’s Super Pickles


Paula’s Super Pickles, a brand of premium gourmet pickles that needed a creative food brand logo design to represent the unique values of the products.


Paula’s Super Pickles are known for their healthy “punch” of fermented nutrition that comes with a variety of unique flavors. Our goal was to convey that through graphics, starting with the creative food brand logo design. We used a hand sketch provided by the owner as a basis. The idea was to design a character that would be colorful, unique, and fun while giving a hint on the values of the products.

The Result

The logo created by LA New Product Development Team has given a distinctive edge to Paula’s Super Pickles and served as a foundation for packaging design. The company is currently negotiating a deal to sell their pickles at major sports venues in Dallas, TX.

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