Product Housing Design – Master Flo SmartVue FC

Product Housing Design – Master Flo SmartVue FC


Master Flo, has been an expert in the global oil and gas industry since 1979. With all of that experience, it is natural for them to develop the product, SmartVue FC.


The Master Flo team had already designed the electronics needed for the SmartVue FC, the newest Master Flo Choke Valve product. Our team was challenged to do the PCB enclosure design (or electronic casing design) as well as develop the needed renderings to display the product properly. This was all done within a week to showcase this product at the largest Oil & Gas Expo held in Houston, TX, Offshore Technology Conference.


Our team of skilled product developers quickly prioritized this product and worked on the PCB enclosure design and the necessary renderings for the SmartVue FC. Along with the product renderings, we also developed the marketing materials needed for their banners and flyers shown at the Offshore Technology Conference.

The Result

With the proper electronic casing design and renderings provided the SmartVue FC was properly showcased and heavily praised. Even under the most intense pressure, our team is always able to deliver to ensure our clients make the most of great opportunities!

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