Perky Paws – Automated Interactive Pet Toys

    Perky Paws – Automated Interactive Pet Toys

    Perky Paws Automated Interactive Pet Toys Designed by LA NPDT

    Perky Paws


    Richard Carmody is an entrepreneur and passionate dog owner from Atlanta, Georgia, with a vision to revolutionize the pet toy industry. Drawing inspiration from his own experience with his beloved canine companions, Richard sought to create a unique and engaging line of dog toys that would not only entertain dogs but also foster a strong bond between pets and their owners. With a background in drafting and a keen eye for design, Richard approached us to help him bring his innovative concept to life and make his mark on the pet industry with Perky Paws.

    Richard Carmody, founder of Perky Paws


    Perky Paws pet toy featuring a stackable layer design, solar powered electronics, including a display, a 360 degree camera, and motorized self-propelled balls | LA NPDT

    Richard Carmody approached LA NPDT with a unique idea for a line of “Perky Paws” toys for dogs. The challenge was to turn his innovative concept into technical designs that were ready for prototyping and marketing, enabling him to present the concept to potential investors and raise awareness and funding for his project.


    Our team worked closely with Richard to understand his vision and the specific requirements for Perky Paws. We conducted thorough research on dog toys, materials, and play patterns to ensure the toys would be safe, durable, and engaging for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

    We then created detailed 3D CAD models and renderings of the Perky Paws toys. These models showcased the unique design features of the toys, such as their ergonomic shape and innovative materials. We also provided Richard with technical drawings that outlined the precise dimensions and specifications of each toy, ensuring the prototypes would be accurate and functional.

    Richard Carmody, Perky Paws Founder and CEO | Review on LA NPDT's work


    With the 3D CAD models, renderings, animations, and technical drawings in hand, Richard was able to present his Turkey Poles concept confidently to potential investors. Our collaboration helped him to start the process of raising the funds necessary to begin prototyping and marketing his innovative line of Perky Paws toys for dogs. As a result, Perky Paws is now well on its way to becoming a successful product in the pet industry, providing dogs with a new and exciting way to play and interact with their toys.

    Additionally, our design work enabled Richard to obtain accurate cost estimates for the production and manufacturing of the Perky Paws toys. This information has been invaluable in the preparation of a comprehensive business plan and financial projections, which have further strengthened his pitch to investors.

    By providing a solid foundation for Richard’s Turkey Poles project, we have helped him take a significant step towards realizing his vision of revolutionizing the pet toy industry and creating a unique and engaging line of dog toys that foster strong bonds between pets and their owners.

    To learn more about Perky Paws product view its 3D model online:

    or watch a video about the product here:

    Ready to bring your own innovative idea to life? Our experienced team is here to help you turn your concept into a reality, just like we did for Richard and his Perky Paws project. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation, and together, we can create something extraordinary.

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