What We’ve Built

Pet Product Website – Pawcet


Pawcet!, the result of the new partnership from the “Original” Doggie Fountain creator, Tony Lytle and Quirky.


To design and create a pet product website that positively reflects the identity of the Pawcet, Doggie Fountain’s new partnership with Quirky and Viatek. Together they plan to move the Pawcet into the mainstream to make thirsty dogs a thing of the past!


We first identified the current target market and studied their preferences. With the critical insights gained, we were able to build a pet product website tailored to fit Pawcet’s customers perfectly. Everything from the font to the colors selected were to introduce and excite customers to the progress of the Doggie Fountain to the Pawcet.

The Result

As a new product with a great future, the pet product website designed certainly pays homage to the Doggie Fountain. As the “original” and “ground-breaking” product it is respectfully noted throughout the website. The new Pawcet is ready and set to continue the Doggie Fountain’s orginal mission of keeping dogs well hydrated all the time. Beat the heat with your dog and buy a Pawcet!

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