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Adobe Photoshop Basics Training Course

    Adobe Photoshop Basics Training Course by LA NPDT.

    Adobe Photoshop Basics Training Course by LA NPDT.

    Photoshop Basics

    With today’s smart digital cameras almost anyone can take a competent photo.

    Consequently the “special touch” that separates a good photo from a great photo comes in the post-production.

    That’s why anyone who aspires to be a great digital photographer needs to learn a core set of Photoshop skills, the skills that turn ordinary photos into extraordinary photos. Now you can finally learn those skills in a fast, painless way.

    Forget about those Photoshop books, which sit on your desk collecting dust. Who has time for that? And forget those courses by “gurus” who assume you’re some kind of Photoshop wizard and teach you mind-numbing technical details that you’ll never actually use.

    In this course you get just the essential basics, the stuff you absolutely must know, the techniques that you’ll use on every photo, day after day, to turn out beautiful, professional-looking work. You’ll learn it fast, in a step-by-step series of short videos that build on each other to quickly take you from novice to expert.

    Photoshop is the modern darkroom. And just as film photographers were not masters of their art until they learned to develop their own photos—you can’t be a master of your art until you master Photoshop.


    Hobby Photographers
    Makeup Artists



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