Dock Station for Pebble Time Round Smart Watch

    Product Design Agency | Dock station for pebble smart watch by LA NPDT

    Pebble Time Round Dock Station Designed by LA NPDT



    As a product design agency, we enjoy challenging ourselves with designing practical everyday products that would be elegant and simple to use. When the thinnest (at that time) smart watch, Pebble Time Round, was released we loved it so much we decided to design a charging dock for it.


    Pebble Time Round was so sleek and refined, yet a few charging docks that were available on the market for it were bulky and boring. Our designers took decided to come up with a dock we would be happy to use daily. In general, the best product design firms create products to be elegant, attractive, yet simple to manufacture, and easy to use. However, we noticed that many docks for other smartwatches required the owner to fold and/or to lock the watchband before placing a watch on a dock. We thought it would be nice to have a dock that wouldn’t require any extra work from the watch owners. They would just remove the Pebble Watch from their wrist and drop it on the charging dock.


    The designed 3D model allowed us to rapidly create a prototype and to test the functionality and ergonomics of the future product. After several design-prototype iterations, our product design agency achieved a dock that looked and worked great. We loved the result so much that we decided to take the product to the market.

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