What We’ve Built

Dock Station for Pebble Time Round Smart Watch


As a product design agency, we were challenged to design products to sell, specifically an elegant and simple to use charging stand (dock station) for Pebble Time Round smart watch.


We loved the new Pebble Time Round smart watch. After we found that there were still no charging stands for this watch on the market we decided to design our own. The best product design firms create products to be elegant, attractive, simple to manufacture, and easy to use. Many docks for other smart watches required the owner to bend and/or to lock the watch band before placing a watch on a dock. We were designing the watch with a goal of eliminating this unnecessary work from the schedule of watch owners.

The Result

The designed 3D model allowed us to rapidly create a prototype and to test the future product. After several design-prototype iteration, our product design agency achieved a dock that looks and works. The best product design firms design products to sell, so we decided to transfer the product to the market and lunched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for manufacturing.

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