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    GloLens Consumer Packaging Design by LA NPDT



    Fashionit® is an emerging fashion brand dedicated to bringing unique accessories and everyday essentials to girls and women around the world.


    GloLens Consumer Packaging Design by LA NPDT

    Our team was challenged to create packaging for a new product, Fashionit’s newest items, the GloLens. Our challenge included developing new product packaging design that showcased the product. We also had to create packaging for a new product that kept it stable enough to ship to a customer.


    We created packaging for a new product that fit all of Fashionit’s needs and criteria. The clear screen in the new product packaging design showcases the product. We also constructed a snug product case to prevent the product from being damaged while being shipped or handled by retailers.


    GloLens by Fashionit have experienced much success! They are in high demand and are constantly raved about on social media platforms. Fittingly a brighter better picture for selfie fanatics can also mean a brighter better future for Fashionit!

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