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    Lee Mallahan III is the product developer and CEO of Tadpole Tape Cutter. He is also the inventor of a handy device that precisely and easily cuts most kinds of tapes.

    Tadpole teamed up with LA NPDT to design and develop a next-generation tape cutter and then take it from prototype to production.

    This cutter is specifically designed for cutting any tapes, even the strongest ones, like T-Rex Tape.

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    prototype production, product development company, prototyping company, rapid prototype development, tape cutter, tadpole, la npdt

    We developed a solution to the difficulty of cutting T-Rex Tape. The process of product development and prototype production required a lot of experimenting and design modifications. More than several dozen prototypes were produced during the process of product development.

    Because we are a “one-stop-shop” for product development, rapid prototyping is one of our everyday activities. Through many prototype production-testing-design modification cycles, we came up with the product that was easy-to-use and relatively simple to make.

    At the end of product prototype development, we found a few alternatives to choose from. However, we chose the one that is on the market now for several reasons. First, it is one of the simplest designs, an important design factor for this project. Second, the design assembles easily. Finally, this design reflects the sharp lines and formidable look of a T-Rex dinosaur.


    As the strongest tape on the market, T-Rex Tape handles hundreds of pounds without tearing. It can’t be torn with hands or cut with regular tape cutters.

    Our main challenge was to design and develop a cutting tool that could cut the strongest tapes easily while being safe and handy for consumers. In addition to being extremely sharp, this tool needed to be cost-effective in terms of manufacturing.

    From an engineering perspective, the simplest designs are the most challenging. So, our other challenge was making the product simple and easy to use for all consumers.


    Working with LA NPDT Tadpole created the first tape cutter that could easily cut the strongest tapes on the market.

    Through product design, development, and prototype production with LA NPDT, Tadpole got the resources necessary to take an idea from prototype to manufacturing. Completing the project in a timely manner allowed the company to be a part of an emerging market of highly-engineered tapes.

    The final product is a two-piece design featuring the Safe Flex Blade Technology. A perfect item for a market that demands high-performance and cost-effective tools.

    Finally, this tape cutter not only fulfilled a market need but also served as a basis for future developments in the performance tape industry.

    To discuss how to take your prototype to production schedule a free appointment here or just give us a call at 318-200-0526.

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