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    QikPedi Step – Home Spa Product Design, Manufacturing, Marketing

    QikPedi Step - Pedicure Stand - Spa Product Design LA NPDT

    QikPedi Step
    Pedicure Stand


    HSR Innovations approached us with an idea of developing a pedicure stand.

    HSR’s founder experienced the drawbacks and inconvenience of the traditional nail care. While taking care of his nails, he realized that doing pedicure at home requires awkward positioning, tool organization, and a lot of effort. He decided to change this by introducing QikPedi Step, a multi-functional pedicure stand with features that would provide “pro-salon experience” to those who do their toenails at home.

    QikPedi Step - Pedicure Stand - Spa Product Development Manufacturing


    QikPedi Step - Pedicure Stand - Spa Product Complete Product Development

    During the initial market research, it was discovered that many of the similar home spa products had a lack in stability, durability, and convenience. In addition to this there were also complaints about complicated designs which made use tedious for consumers and with no emphasis given towards product strength or durability.

    We decided to create a pedicure stand that would last for years, but also be easy and simple to use. The other requirement was providing the users with a way to organize and store their pedicure tools.

    The main challenge was finding a way for the production costs to be reasonable while providing high quality home spa product design that would satisfy the customers and compete with other brands on the market.


    The design of the product needed to account for the varying needs and sizes among its users. Ergonomics became very important in this case because compatibility with various groups meant that there were many different ways people could use it, so our designers needed to ensure the designs accommodate all these possibilities without sacrificing function or elegance too much.

    We wanted to create a simple design and use an intuitive shape, so we went with scissors-like construction of the legs. The back end was initially detachable but it became integral with the platform after realizing how expensive creating two different parts would be for production costs. We kept the front tray removable, though, for the ease of cleaning.

    The stand was designed to be used at five different tilt angles and provided with non-slip pads for the comfort of users. We also added a custom compact clip-on storage box for keeping files, scissors, cutters, and other pedicure tools. The front tray was equipped with a flexible nail polish holder and a compartment for power banks so that fans, lights, and other electric accessories could be attached to the stand.


    We helped a small business owner launch his product on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other platforms. We did everything from creating the design and building prototypes to producing marketing materials, manufacturing the first batch, and even fulfilling the orders.

    The client was thrilled when he found out how convenient it was to work with a company that can provide a complete turn-key service turning his idea into a product.

    We developed a unique product, and our marketing materials helped the customer launch it faster. We also provided inventory storage for him as well!

    This is just one example of how our team’s diverse expertise allowed us to offer turn-key services that covered every aspect from ideation and product design to manufacturing and fulfillment.

    Buy your QikPedi Step pedicure stand here – https://qpedistep.com/


    LA NPDT review for QikPedi Step Spa Product Design, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing

    We’re not satisfied until you are. The team at LA NPDT is committed to providing only the best customer service and we take pride in being able deliver on this promise by working closely with our clients every step of their way – from helping them create designs that will sell like hotcakes, through manufacturing options for short-run production needs or even just brainstorming new ideas!

    Our expert staff has extensive knowledge around market trends so give us call today if your business could use some help getting off its feet.




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