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    Fashionit® PowerPad Beauty, new product packaging, beauty product packaging, cute makeup packaging, LA NPDT



    Fashionit® , a brand all about fashion, they create trendy & fashionable accessories with modern technology in mind.


    Fashionit® PowerPad Beauty, new product packaging, beauty product packaging, cute makeup packaging, LA NPDT

    Fashionit® needed to create a product packaging design for one of their newest products, the PowerPad Beauty. The objective was to display the product while maintaining the brand design elements which characterize it. A delicate, clean, and minimalist design that secures the product inside a cute makeup packaging.

    Taking into consideration earlier packaging design projects, LA NPDT made sure to keep the branding and details present, while creating a professional and eye-catching cute makeup packaging.

    The unique packaging we produced included a large translucent screen, giving perfect visibility of the PowerPad Beauty’s features, as well as a vacuum formed piece that fits snug to the device, keeping it secure during transportation and handling. With an eye-catching design, this product is ready to be seen on store shelves.


    The retail packaging LA NPDT designed gave Fashionit’s new addition a clear distinction from it’s other products. Their brand identity was undisturbed, making it easily recognizable as part of their special family products.

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