Retail Packaging Design – U Speaker

Retail Packaging Design – U Speaker


Fashionit® is an emerging fashion brand dedicated to bringing unique accessories and everyday essentials to girls and women around the world.


We at LA NPDT were challenged with conceptualizing and creating the retail packaging design for the U Speaker, Fashionit’s new mini Bluetooth speaker. Our challenge was to create attractive urban packaging that appeals to younger generations while working within a strict timeline and accommodating the product’s unusual shape.


Our team successfully designed eye-catching, retail-ready packaging, despite the tight timeline and challenging product shape. We primarily focused on the product user’s experience, as well as convenience and space efficiency.

The Result

We were able to provide all the needed graphic and packaging within a week. Thus, Fashionit® was able to showcase their new product and packaging at a much-anticipated tradeshow. Want to check out our work or bump some tunes! Check out the U-Speaker now!

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