SaaS Application Development – Publynx

SaaS Application Development – Publynx


LA NPDT’s marketing team felt the need of a custom-tailored tool that would allow to benefit from sharing third-party content on our social media channels.

We were interested in a platform that would not only help our marketeers but also other marketing agencies and professionals. The tool was supposed to allow them to benefit from sharing relevant content with their audience. Growing, engaging, and educating your audience are critical processes in business and product marketing.


The challenge with this project was developing a platform that would have a large number of features but would still be simple enough for anyone to use. Also, we couldn’t dedicate too much time to this internal project, so we had to develop the web app quickly.

In terms of the features, we not only needed those for sharing the content, but we also needed to design user-friendly analytics functionality and interface. Moreover, we wanted to integrate adding custom scripts, social media pixels, and an ability for the users to add their domains.


We started Publynx application development by creating a few conceptual designs of the user interface (UI). Our developers then used the concepts to build functional prototypes. We decided to create the system using the php framework Laravel due to its many advantages and benefits when it comes to libraries, high security, url generation, performance and scalability. Using the framework allowed us to speed up the development process.

In addition to implementing the initial set of features like re-targeting, social media pixels, and the capability of adding custom scripts, we worked on making smart links data collection and analytics as straightforward as possible.

Upon completion of the Beta version we gathered a team of Beta testers who evaluated the system and provided their feedback. This allowed us to fix some bugs and make the user interface more intuitive. Morever, the feedback we received was useful for planning the further improvements and features we are going to add.

The Result

Due to the cross-functional collaboration, our team was able to take this internal SaaS application development from idea to deployment in record time. By addressing our internal marketing needs, we also built a tool that is beneficial to other marketing specialists and agencies. Thus we decided to turn this tool into a SaaS (Software as a Service). Users can now purchase one of the three monthly subscriptions at 

Visit Publynx –>

In the meantime, our developers didn’t stop and continue to work on the next versions that would include new upgrades and features. 

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