Sponge-A-Ball – Travel-friendly Personal Hygiene Product

    Sponge-A-Ball – Travel-friendly Personal Hygiene Product

    Sponge-A-Ball - Travel-friendly Personal Hygiene Product



    Sponge-A-Ball, a Coral Springs-based company, specializes in creating sustainable and practical personal hygiene solutions, with a focus on catering to the hospitality industry. They sought to develop a travel-friendly product that hotel guests could conveniently take with them after their stay, without creating a mess in their bags.

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    The main challenge in developing the Sponge-a-Ball product was identifying the right combination of materials that would be durable, safe, hygienic, and affordable, while allowing for product customization and branding. Additionally, the product needed to be mess-free, travel-friendly, and user-friendly, ensuring that hotel guests could easily take it with them after their stay without any difficulties.

    To address these challenges, it was crucial to find the right balance between the material’s feel, look, and general feasibility, while also considering factors such as drying time, mold prevention, and the ease of opening and closing the case.


    Our team at LA New Product Development Team collaborated with Sponge-A-Ball from the idea stage, assisting in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of the product. We thoroughly evaluated multiple material options, different types of shore hardness, and considered various factors such as feel, look, and general feasibility for this specific product. Through an iterative process, we ultimately chose a silicone rubber encasement for the mesh sponge to ensure durability, hygiene, customization options, and ease of transportation.

    We also tested different methods to secure the loofah inside the case and conducted user experience evaluations to ensure that opening and closing the ball would be user-friendly and not pose any difficulties. Moreover, we conducted tests to determine how quickly the ball would dry to avoid creating a mess in someone’s bag and to prevent mold growth.


    As a result of our partnership, Sponge-A-Ball successfully launched sales of their innovative product and began showcasing samples to potential large-scale clients in the hospitality industry. The Silicone Sponge Case met and exceeded expectations, providing a unique and practical solution for both personal and commercial applications. Hotel guests now have the convenience of taking their Sponge-a-Ball with them after their stay, confident that it won’t create a mess in their bags and is designed with user experience in mind.

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