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    Dr. Cunningham contacted LA NPDT for our new product development services to create his unique coffee cup idea, a sustainable concept design. His product also needed packaging design and marketing.

    Dr. Bob Cunningham is an American entrepreneur and a coffee lover from Louisiana. He experienced trouble stirring his coffee effectively in his thermoses. He was also troubled by the massive waste generated from plastic straws and spoons used for the sole purpose of stirring.

    After searching the market for the product that would solve those problems, he came up with his own creative idea and wanted it to follow sustainable design practices. The Stir n Go is a cup and lid that is spill-proof. It allows you to stir coffee, tea or any drink safely and generate zero waste.

    rapid prototype development, industrial concept design, new product development services, Stir Go, LA NPDT


    rapid prototype development, industrial concept design, new product development services, Stir Go, LA NPDT

    Our team had few challenges to address, including sustainable design practices. First, we needed to create an industrial concept design and to fully develop a reusable cup with effective stirring functionality. Next step was to design and craft a packaging prototype.

    The one that would display the features of the cup and the lid at the same time. It should be able to hold the cup steady and withstand the weight of the entire product. The goal was to create a box packaging mockup that would lead us to the final packaging prototype fit for manufacturing.

    The to-do list also included surveying  customers for initial feedback and preparing marketing materials.


    For starters, we designed a set of different lids and stirrers concepts. They were based on the main objective – developing a reusable solution. Once we had several industrial concept designs ready, we then compared each of their ease of use, manufacturability, and overall durability. That way we ensured that we chose the proper concept.

    From there, using our rapid prototype development methods, our in house engineers built several prototypes. We used them to showcase our cool coffee gadget to potential customers, business partners and licensees. The companies that build prototypes know that physical models are an integral part of receiving vital feedback from the end-users. The LA NPDT team, together with Dr. Cunningham, carried out online and in-person consumer surveys for that purpose.

    Our 3D product modeling company’s designers created a box packaging mockup and then implemented some iterations. In that process we were looking for a combination of elegant simple design elements while trying to catch the attention of potential customers. We ran through different versions of the box packaging mockup using 2D design and 3D prototyping. We did it before entering the actual prototyping phase. That allowed us to evaluate costs, materials and manufacturing time before investing into making an actual packaging prototype following sustainable design practices.


    If you want us to work on your sustainable concept design, schedule a consultation with our experts here. 


    Through rapid prototype development, our team was able to quickly generate concept designs for the Stir n Go cup. Just as quickly, we moved forward with the most important of the product development process, customer interaction. Collected data provided the ability to further modify and improve the design. Which, in turn, gave us the ability to meet customers’ requirements before we ever launched.

    The LA NPDT team delivered both the pre-production prototype of the cup and the packaging prototype ready for manufacturing. The team ordered over 50+ packaging based on the prototype.

    Our graphic and web design experts launched a striking Stir n Go website. Animations and sell sheets were diligently created as well. With these materials and the packaging itself, Dr. Cunningham was able to make a step further into the market. He is analyzing how the public reacts to the product on the shelf. Also, he is reviewing the reception from customers and testing packaging durability.

    After trying to license his invention idea, Dr. Cunningham decided to go ahead and move to the production stage. With LA NPDT’s rapid product development and manufacturing capabilities, we are going to produce a small batch of units first. And in the meantime,  we further market the product. Having approached the potential end-users with a physical prototype and received their positive feedback, we began manufacturing with confidence that the Stir n Go truly meets our customer’s needs.

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