What We’ve Built

Tape Measure Device – CAD Service


Mir A. Mamatkhan and Beck Hakberdiev, inventors and entrepreneurs.


Using photos and some hand sketches of the prototype LA NPDT was challenged to create a manufacturing-ready 3D CAD model and 2D drawings of an innovative tape measure device (Patent US 9,188,418 B2). The main challenge of this project was the absence of many essential dimensions.


We approached this CAD project by designing each part individually and then arranging all of them into an assembly. We had to use references, calculate and simply approximate some dimensions that have not been provided by the customer. We introduced several modifications to the design of the prototype according to customer’s requests. Since there were no solid requirements of how some elements were supposed to look we iterated the design cycle with the customer until a complete satisfaction was achieved.

The Result

LA NPDT delivered a 3D CAD model, 2D drawings, and 3D renderings of the patented product. The results of our work will help the inventors to transition their product from prototyping to manufacturing. With stunning photo-realistic renderings they are now also more equipped for marketing the product and bringing investors on board.

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