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    SYmphonia Bags. Product Design, Prototype, Video, Website Design by LA NPDT, Shreveport, LA



    SYmphonia, a company introducing a new generation of bags. SYmphonia bags feature wireless charging and GPS tracking.


    SYmphonia Bags. Product Design, Prototype, Video, Website Design by LA NPDT, Shreveport, LA

    This was a technology product development project.  Our challenge was to create a high tech product design, build the prototypes, and prepare the marking materials for a kickstarter campaign.


    The project started with just a few sketches that the owner of SYmphonia showed to us. That was the beginning of a snowball…Our team has turned the sketches into a high tech product design and produced renderings of a handbag and a backpack. The renderings helped to convey the product concept. The SYmphonia team demonstrated the renderings at an inventor conference. The idea resonated with the public. This encouraged the founders to build a functional prototype. LA NPDT ended up producing three prototypes of different types of bags. To make the prototypes we had to design the electronics, compile a BOM, develop an app, and assemble all the electronic components with the bags. We even hired a professional dressmaker to help us. After the prototypes have been done, LA NPDT started to work on the marketing materials, producing a promo video was the first step. Then we designed a logo and built a website.


    Our technology product development team has turned an idea that only existed on paper into functional prototypes and designed all the essential marketing materials. The SYmphonia is now ready for a crowdfunding campaign

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