Master Flo Booth Design for OTC 2019

Master Flo Trade Show Design by LA New Product Development Team

Trade show design, Trade show exhibit design, Custom trade show exhibits, LA NPDT

Master Flo
Booth Design
for OTC 2019


Master Flo is the leading producer of choke valves for the oil and gas industry. The company partnered with LA NPDT to create trade show exhibit designs to display its products. The setting of this exhibit was the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

To meet Master Flo’s needs, LA NPDT created the overall layout of the custom trade show exhibits. We were also responsible for the graphics, videos, and games which were featured there.

Several different projects have fallen under the umbrella of the booth’s overall design. A few examples included the video and games we created for the same conference. But the trade show design itself was another significant component of Master Flo’s presentation at the OTC.

Trade show design, Trade show exhibit design, Custom trade show exhibits, LA NPDT


Trade show design, Trade show exhibit design, Custom trade show exhibits, LA NPDT

Our challenge was to create an inviting and engaging place that would attract visitors attending the conference.

This meant creating a trade show design that would fill the space well.  The idea was that people would feel welcome and inclined to spend some time there.

At the same time, the design had to allow someone merely passing by the booth to quickly and easily gain an understanding of who Master Flo is and what it does.

Additionally, it was necessary for this trade show exhibit design to be unique and memorable.  The desired result was that it would stand out among the many others that would be at the conference.


To accomplish Master Flo’s goals, we started by creating a basic layout. To convey the first version of the layout we created a professional sketch. After that, we built a 3D CAD model of the future custom trade show exhibit before making the final materials that would be used in the booth. Once the design was approved we started to work on the production.

We accomplished Master Flo’s two-fold needs using their blue and yellow color scheme. We created distinct areas within the booth. The blue spaces were designated for welcoming visitors. In the yellow spaces, meanwhile, visitors could actively engage with educational materials watching a promo video or playing a selection of the video games we developed.


Ultimately, the custom trade show design we created gave Master Flo a space to interact with their potential customers. In this space, it could also showcase the values that set them apart from their competitors.

Additionally, we provided an aesthetically appealing and attractive space that gave visitors an idea of the company the booth represented.

Finally, LA NPDT representatives attended the conference in person to help set up the booth. Additionally, we made sure that Master Flo maintained a positive presence throughout the event.

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