UP Bottle: Smart Water Bottle with LCD and sensors

    Smart Water Bottle Designed and Developed by LA New Product Development Company



    The UP bottle is LA NPDT’s in-house project. Our team spends a great deal of time at the office every day. We know how important it is for our health to drink enough water, though in the midst of things, we often forget to walk up to the dispenser and take that sip. But we wanted to make sure that the team is properly hydrated throughout our busy day. And being a product development company, buying random mugs wasn’t even a consideration for us. We decided to create an original smart water bottle for the whole team to keep the hydration spirit up, so to speak. The idea was clear, so we began working on the product concept design.

    Up Bottle product concept design, LA NPDT, LA New Product Development Team, smart bottle water


    Up Bottle product concept design, LA NPDT, LA New Product Development Team, smart bottle water

    At first, we set out to create a regular water bottle but with our signature style. However, during the process of product concept design development we came to consider the different tastes water has when taken from different sources. Generally, the taste depends on how pure the water is. Therefore, our bottle had to go smart and be able to determine water’s purity.

    Also, some of our team members drink lots of tea and coffee. They mentioned that it would be nice for them to know if their beverage is still hot. But since we are in the South, it would be even more important to know if the content, water for instance, is still cold. So the temperature-measuring feature was introduced in the product concept design as well.


    During the prototyping stage, we came up with the best possible solution and incorporated the key features into the smart lid:

    • two sensors determine Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), i.e. liquid’s purity in PPM (parts per million)
    • and the T ̊ sensor measures content’s temperature

    All three sensors are built into the insulated lid. In order to take measurements easy, the user just needs to turn the bottle upside down for a few seconds so that the liquid comes into contact with sensors. We chose to equip the smart lid with an LED display to show real-time data and an LCD touch screen to set ℉ or ℃ as your preference. The thermo feature was achieved by using stainless steel vacuum insulated double walls. During prototyping, they showed best results in keeping the content hot/cold throughout the day.

    We’re all familiar with that loud sound when you place a bottle on a surface. So, to reduce the noise, and to add better grip, we used a silicon rubber pad for the bottom of the bottle. Another convenient feature, that we included during the product concept design stage, is two built-in batteries that don’t require charging and last up to three years.


    As soon as we had the product concept design developed, we knew we couldn’t keep the UP bottle to ourselves. Many people would greatly appreciate the water quality measurement feature, along with other convenient ones.  It is what it means to be a product development company after all – you want to make people’s lives easier and better by bringing new solutions to them. And the UP bottle does so very elegantly. Not only does it help you stay hydrated with style, but it also gives you peace of mind that the water you drink is pure, thus safe and healthy. This smart water bottle is a great addition to our working days at the office, at home, and while travelling. As well as it is for many busy people who care about what they drink. Get your UP bottle here.


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