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    We are a product development company, a team of professional entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers who use a variety of electronic devices on a daily basis. Smartpens, styluses, remotes, electric screwdrivers, and so on, are an integral part of our everyday life. And as many of you, we have experienced that these tools, though useful, were very messy to charge.

    The mix of charging cords around the office and uncharged devices created some workflow challenges. And, as always, we have found a solution. We set out to develop a micro-USB charging dock that would keep the tools juiced up and our workplace organized.

    After the prototype testing, we realized that other product development companies might enjoy the usefulness of this charging station. And that’s when our team decided to turn the idea into a marketable product.

    product development agency, Product development companies, Product development company, Up Dock, LA NPDT


    product development agency, Product development companies, Product development company, Up Dock, LA NPDT

    Efficiency and convenience were the main goals we set for the Up Dock device. We intended it to have several outlet hubs for charging upright micro-USB devices. We also wanted it to take as little space as possible. Also, the charging station had to have great stability and balanced weight distribution in case of plugging-in heavy devices.

    Those goals presented challenges in terms of high cost due to the high price of quality USB-ports. For example, one USB-hub cost us initially $1.56. Since the Up Dock product design included three ports per station, we needed to find a more effective solution.

    Our team has built over 14 prototypes and implemented creative iterations to the design. All of that was done to minimize the costs and create the end-product which would meet all initial criteria.


    While brainstorming different possibilities and applying changes during the prototyping stage, we were simultaneously looking for another USB-port manufacturer. We’ve decided to increase the order quantity to 1000 pcs. By doing so we were able to negotiate a deal and get high-quality ports for $1.00 apiece.

    Our experts in product development and engineering found a way to simplify the design but keep the functionality intact. They determined the most time and cost consuming parts of the manufacturing and assembly process using prototypes they’ve already built.

    In particular, the initial housing design had four separate parts to it. Our product design team decided to integrate the dock’s bottom and sides into one piece. As a result, we applied a different manufacturing method, which cut the production cost quite sufficiently.

    The optimization of the inner cavity was done in order to reduce assembly time. Attaching the motherboard to the top cover, instead of the bottom, turned the latter into a clip-on cap. That iteration made the assembly faster and easier in one step. Additionally, that and some other design changes let us improve the device’s weight distribution ability.

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    Up Dock charging station is a result of the collaborative work and effort of our product development agency team. The device has three micro-USB ports and only one standard type-A cable that plugs into the wall socket. It is perfect for charging pointers, vapes, smart pens, other smart gadgets and micro-USB devices. While charging, you can upload data from/to your computer, as all ports transmit both power and data.

    The station has a built-in power surge protection. Its anodized aluminum housing and durable PCB construction allow withstanding a significant pressure. As a hub for smart technology, Up Dock optimizes your workspace. Its sleek design adds an organized and sophisticated style to any environment.

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