UP Stand: Versatile Laptop and Mobile Devices Holder

    UP Stand, Adjustable Laptop Stand

    UP stand, Adjustable laptop stand, Vertical laptop stand, LA NPDT



    UP stand is a part of our UP product line. We came up with this product out of necessity. Most of our team members use laptops and sometimes tablets.

    To prevent our devices from overheating, we wanted to lift them off the desks, which would also make typing easier and the laptop screens closer to the eye level. We realized we needed an adjustable laptop stand that could also support tablets.

    UP stand, Adjustable laptop stand, Vertical laptop stand, LA NPDT


    UP stand, Adjustable laptop stand, Vertical laptop stand, LA NPDT

    We wanted something simple, rigid, and nice-looking. We loved how our aluminum UP docks came out so, we decided to go with aluminum again.

    Because the material needed to withstand the weight of the laptops and the pressure of hands, a hardened aluminum alloy was selected.

    Another important goal was to keep the design as simple as possible. Additionally, we wanted to make the device as versatile as possible while maintaining a low profile and a relatively compact size.


    UP stand was designed as a single piece. There is nothing to assemble or fasten before or after using the device, it’s as simple as it can be. Just set the holder at the right position and put your device on the stand.

    Thanks to the six tilt positions, the adjustable laptop stand allows lifting a laptop or a tablet to a convenient angle. Since the holding arm can rotate 270 degrees, the stand can be used to support a variety of devices, starting from phones to large notebooks and portable monitors.

    The silicone rubber pads serve two purposes – prevent the stand from sliding on the surfaces and provide the grip for holding the devices. The material selection worked well, while the UP stand is strong and durable, it’s also lightweight and compact so it fits any bag or backpack nicely.


    Since launching the UP stand we received only positive feedback from customers. They use it at work, school, coffee shops, for video streaming, conference calls, and even for holding video production crew’s devices.

    While using the UP stand at our office, we noticed that, although the maximum tilt angle was sufficient for most cases, it wasn’t large enough for holding portable monitors and big tablets vertically.

    To address that, we designed an extension that turned UP stand into a vertical laptop stand and allowed supporting portable monitors and tablets at a 58-75 degrees angle.

    UP stand is currently available in our UP store.


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