UP Trap: Outdoor Mosquito Trap

    UP Trap, Outdoor Mosquito Trap

    Up trap, outdoor mosquito trap, best outdoor mosquito trap, LA New Product Development Team



    UP trap was our internal idea. Our team learned about the need for a simple inexpensive outdoor mosquito trap that could be used in public places, like city streets, parks, and golf courses to name a few.

    The product was supposed to become a part of our product line called UP.

    Up trap, outdoor mosquito trap, best outdoor mosquito trap, LA New Product Development Team


    Up trap, outdoor mosquito trap, best outdoor mosquito trap, LA New Product Development Team

    After researching the market of outdoor mosquito traps, we realized that although most of the products on the market were effective, they were rather expensive, required electricity, or looked primitive and unattractive.

    We took on the challenge of designing an inexpensive, simple, yet versatile outdoor mosquito trap. In addition to making the trap effective, we wanted it to have an organic shape, so it could be placed anywhere without disturbing the view.


    After researching the existing solutions and the most effective outdoor mosquito trap mechanisms, we came up with the first version of the design.

    We showed a 3D printed prototype to potential customers. They provided their feedback which we incorporated in the next design version. Thanks to our rapid prototyping capabilities, we went through several prototypes in a matter of days.

    The feedback our target audience provided was critical for improving the design. Through market research, we determined the maximum retail cost of the device needed to be less than $10.

    Considering the marketing and distribution expenses, we calculated the maximum manufacturing cost and modified the design to match the target production cost.


    Thanks to our streamlined product development process and the quick feedback we received from potential customers, we came up with an effective, versatile, and inexpensive mosquito trap design.

    Some customers have even called UP trap the best outdoor mosquito trap they ever used. The ability to produce many prototypes quickly allowed us to launch UP trap within just two months.

    Because we designed the product to where it could be produced with 3D printing as well as injection molding, we were able to start the sales and test the market before investing in mass production tooling.

    UP trap is currently available in our UP store.


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