Website Development – The Original Doggie Fountain

Website Development – The Original Doggie Fountain


Tony Lytle, is the “Original” Doggie Fountain’s founder and inventor. He developed a unique and convenient method to quench your dog’s thirst!

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Mr. Lytle asked us to re-design the Original Doggie Fountain’s website. To achieve the ultimate goal of converting visitors into buyers.


We have started the project by reviewing the existing website design. This helped us to identify the reasons why the website was not converting visitors into buyers. Next, we determined the key benefits of the invention that appeal to the target audience. Then, we translated those benefits into written and visual content. We were in constant communication with the inventor to make sure that the content we’ve developed aligned with their vision. We also established the social media presence for the Original Doggie Fountain. Next, we developed the eye-catching visual content and a sitemap with a clear call to action (CTA). At the final stage, we integrated e-commerce functionality and connected the website with all of the social media accounts.  

The Result

Now the client has a modern and functional website that allows visitors to easily find the product’s information. More importantly, they can now order the product with integrated social media and e-commerce functionality. Within a day of launching the new and improved website, Mr. Lytle received his first online order.

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